Daily duties vary for banquet captains depending on the number of guests dining in the banquet room and the size of the staff in need of supervision. However, the following core duties are associated with this job in most environments:
Responsibilities and Duties-

  • Supervise and Train Banquet Staff- Banquet captains supervise all banquet staff throughout meal service and delegate tasks to them as needed. They train new staff members on how to perform their assigned tasks in the banquet, food preparation, and dining areas. Banquet captains also hold team meetings to provide updates on policy or service changes, and they manage any staff problems that occur, defusing situations as quickly as possible.
  • Oversee Setup
  • Banquet captains oversee banquet room setup, directing staff on where to place table settings, centerpieces, and other table decorations.
  • Maintain Stock
  • Banquet captains ensure that banquet room stock is fully supplied at all times, including food. They alert staff when supplies are running low so they can be replenished from inventory storage.
  • Follow All Sanitary Regulations
  • Banquet captains follow all sanitary laws and regulations, as well as company policies, regarding proper cleaning and safe food handling. They also ensure that all staff follow these regulations and that all dining and banquet areas are clean and organized at all times.
  • Follow Liquor Liability Laws-Banquet captains follow all state and federal laws in regards to serving liquor, and stop serving patrons as necessary. This includes ensuring that everyone served alcohol is of legal age to drink it.
  • Respond to Customers- Banquet captains respond to customer complaints, questions, and compliments.

Banquet Server Skills Required-
  • Associates or bachelors in food service or hospitality preferred
  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Banquet Hall experience a plus
  • Ability to work quickly and as a team in a fast-paced environment
  • Reliable transportation required
  • MUST work evenings and weekends

*Required Certifications
  • T.I.P.S certified
  • Serve Safe Certified